Why Standing Stones?

Why Standing Stones?

In ancient Israel, people stood stones on their end to commemorate a powerful move of God in their lives. It was a memorial to something God spoke or revealed or did. Often these standing stones became reference points in their lives. Today, we can find reference points in the written Word of God. Any scripture or sermon can speak something powerful into our lives, or reveal something of the nature of God. In this blog I offer, what can become a reference point for Christians, taken from God's ancient word and applied to today's world.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post: Marty Carnegie, International Evangelist

Sermon Title:  The Hope of Nations

This sermon was presented to the conference body at the Tuscon International Bible Conference of The Door Christian Fellowship.  The conference is a gathering of Pastors and disciples from all over the world who share the vision and direction of the Christian fellowship Ministries.  Pastor Carnegie has pastored Churches in Jamaica, England and the United States.  He is currently an International Evangelist, preaching the good news of salvation all over the world.

A powerful and dynamic preacher, Pastor Carnegie is a favorite throughout our fellowship.  His travels are documented on his blog, Marty Carnegie's Blog, Preaching Jesus Christ to the Nations."  http://www.martycarnegie.blogspot.tw/

The Hope Of Nations

Nations rise and fall based on their relationship with God.

Text:  Proverbs 14:32-34

 Proverbs 14:31-34 (NKJV)
14:31 He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, But he who honors Him has mercy on the needy. 32 The wicked is banished in his wickedness, But the righteous has a refuge in his death. 33 Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding, But what is in the heart of fools is made known. 34 Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.

(c) Marty Carnegie 2012: used with permission

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